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1Pcs 19mm Rubber Walking Hiking Stick Metal Ferrule Bottom End Cover Cane Crutch Pad Rubber Heavy Duty


Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Handle Material: Other

Origin: Mainland China

Joint Number: Other

Stick Tip: Other

Model Number: Crutches Head

Shaft Material: Other

Damping System: /

Length (cm): /

Handle: Other

Outdoor Activity: HIKE


This section is 19mm (mouth diameter), generally refers to the set of cylindrical diameter, flexible, the actual mouth diameter of about 18.2mm, so that can be tight, the general can set On the 19-20 between the cylindrical diameter. There are steel pad, the weight of 35 grams of non-slip wear flexible! odorless! Winter is not hard! The The According to the color points are black and orange two, this section is mainly suitable for walking sticks, not suitable for armpit crutches!
Material: Resin
Size:Mouth Diameter 19mm




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