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Position: Ocean Boat Fishing

Position: Ocean Rock Fshing

Position: Ocean Beach Fishing

Position: LAKE

Position: River

Position: Reservoir Pond

Position: stream

Material: FRP

Origin: Mainland China

Category: Ocean Fishing lure Rod

Fishing rod classification: Ship, raft pole

Product category: Sea pole

color: red, gold, purple, black, silver,blue

weight: 150

material: glass fiber reinforced plastic

length: 1m

fishing rod: adjustable hard fishing

length after contraction: 20.5

fishing rod length: 100

number of knots: 5

categories: fishing rods

Details of supporting goods:
  • 1. A pen rod (1 meter) (the color of the fishing rod is available at present, please rest assured to take a selfie. ).

  • 2. ST5-P high-strength plastic drum wheel .

Product information and pictures.
  • The pen rod has a shrinkage length of 21 cm, a total of 5 sections (excluding the handle section), and the opening length is about 1 meter. The rear handle and the pen rod body are made of pure aluminum alloy, and the rod body is made of fiberglass.

  • The matching wheel is ST5-P high-strength plastic drum wheel, the material is high-strength nylon, and the inner tooth shaft of the wheel is made of copper, which is not rusty and the quality is guaranteed. The wheel has a total length of 7.5 cm, a body length of 4.5 cm, a width of 3.2 cm and a net weight of 30 grams. The end of the fishing boat without handle has a brake force adjusting knob, which can adjust the braking force, and the side of the wheel with handle has a black button, which can increase the friction when pressed. The speed ratio of the wheel is 2.1 mm/m, and the linear capacity is 0.18 + 60 (mm/m), 0.20 + 55 (mm/m), 0.25 + 40 (mm/m).

  • The biggest feature of this product: easy to carry, so that you can enjoy fishing anytime and anywhere. If you or some of your relatives and friends are fishing, this product is also a good gift for you.

  • The whole set is about 170g.


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