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Brand Name: JETTING

Position: Ocean Boat Fishing

Material: Carbon

Origin: Mainland China

Category: Ice Fishing Rod

1.  The fishing rod adopts a segmented design, and the length after separation is less than 40 cm, which is very convenient to carry, especially in winter, it can be carried directly in a clothes pocket or backpack.
2.  The handle adopts beautiful EVA design, the rod is made of high-grade carbon fiber, and the connection between the rod and the handle is made of metal, which can prevent the fishing rod from getting stuck when assembling.  The fishing rod is beautiful and fashionable.
3.  The combination of Spinning Rod and Spinning Reels can use various fishing methods such as soft bait, sequins, and simulated bait, which is suitable for all kinds of fish.
4.  Ultra-short and ultra-light beautiful fishing rod, children can use to catch shrimp and some small fish.  It is a great gift for children.
5.  Multifunctional fishing rod, mainly used for ice fishing in winter, but also for boat fishing, bridge fishing, stream fishing, etc.  The fishing rod is super tough, and if it is used correctly, it can catch 5 kilograms of big fish.  It is your best choice for outdoor fishing and outdoor travel in winter.

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