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Multifunction Neck Workout Head Harness  for Home Weight Lifting Strength Powerlifting Barbell with Chin Pad Fitness Equipment


Brand Name: Lights Mountain

Type: Belt

Origin: Mainland China


1.Build A Thick Muscular Neck. Build those crucial neck, trap and upper back muscles with this neck harness to increase your size, strength and aesthetic appeal.
2. Prevent Injury & Aid Recovery - Awaken dormant muscles and build an iron neck. Use this neck weight lifting harness to safely aid recovery and rehabilitation.
3.Adjustable:Ours is uniquely crafted with an extra on the chin strap to offer a superior. Get the security you desire while you push out reps with thick shock-absorbing neoprene that offers you superior cushioning.
4.There are D-shaped buckles on the front, back, left and right, you can train at any angle.

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